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Per'dra gasped, horrified, as the soldiers seemed to be crushed to death from the inside out by their nameless foe. "Zarev! I don't think there's anything we can do, but let's try anyway!" One by one, the Jedi Knight checked each body, streaming with blood and filth. These soldiers' demises had been not only quick, but excruciatingly painful beforehand. Once she discerned that every one of them was now united with the Force, she gazed at Zarev and shook her head.

"It's too late. The only thing either of us can do now is try to find this 'black-cloaked man' of whom one soldier spoke. The thing is, that describes every single Sith I've ever encountered, except for Master Karos, who was a traitor. She was a Jedi in name, but a Sith at heart, all in white..." Clearing her throat, she stood up from her squatting position. "Enough of old memories. Let's go!"
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