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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
I see no reason responsible law abiding gun owners should be penalized b/c of some crackpot, but neither should they have a big problem w/being extremely careful to keep their weapons secured when they're not using them themselves (gun range, hunting, etc..).
When the crackpot is someone they know and they were stupid enough to give access to a tool for mass murder then they deserve to be held accountable. We are each responsible for our own freedom and rights and if that person does not have that right because of mental illness, felony conviction or age, then we are responsible for keeping our freedom out of their hands so they don’t violate someone else’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Besides if you have a law stating they are responsible to keep their gun out of such hands and they violate that law, then they are not law aiding gun owners any longer.

People love saying guns are just a tool. Well a car is just a tool too and in the wrong hands a car can be used to murder too. If you allow access to your car to someone that does not have the legal capacity to operate it and they kill someone else, then you can be held legally and criminally responsible. What is the difference if you consider firearm just tools to?

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