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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I don't think consumers are being reeled in and held by one or two specific sources of media and then miss out on other sources or feel that can have this but not that.
Hmm. Not one or two specific sources so much as...

So yeah, I think we're looking at this from the wrong direction. Doesn't matter what the consumers are doing, doesn't matter what the console manufacturers are doing, it's about what the developers are doing.
THERE! Yes. I completely agree with this, it's been the major factor.

You know what? Where I said consoles before I probably shoulda said developers... Argh. Now I just sound wrong headed. Thanks for bearing with me though.

it'll just mean that they'll buy MORE media overall.
True. This puts it into perspective and makes sense actually.

The real challenge console manufacturers face are the developers themselves and who they choose to support based on various factors. We've seen this play out before with Nintendo and Sony as I mentioned before and also what happened with EA and the Dreamcast...
Hey, I remember that. Yeah, there was this big discussion about whose roping in the most game producers. A huge debate everywhere on whether Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation, or Nintendo 64 would "win out" the "console war". I specifically remember being irked Megaman 8 and Megaman X4 were on PlayStation while I'd been a diehard N64 player.

Ah, we have proof again: Developers.

It was the late 90's and I had been curious, too, about twisted metal. So I got it. Then wound up with TM2 and TM3 in short order. Then learned about Duke Nukem and some others. By the time '02 rolled around I was an MvC fiend.

My interest in Nintendo just sort of...faded. Perfect Dark and a few other games were in my stash but that was it. I drifted because Metroid was getting no attention whatsoever and Wario...don't get me wrong, he was badass, but I just kinda didn't care for the more cartoony look after Warioland 3.

As Steve Ballmer likes to say "DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS..." which is why Sony is the power it is today and why Microsoft was able to become its own power. Sony was able to grab the developers that Nintendo alienated and Microsoft threw money at various developers and bought out others.
True. My own vidya history would support that.

I predict SteamBox might have a good run IF it can sweet talk the well established devs. Small time devs might also stand to springboard from obscurity, rare as that is.

This is also very important when we talk about exclusive games since exclusives can become system sellers. Take Monster Hunter in Japan, Sony had it but then lost it to Nintendo and boy has it hurt Sony in Japan.
You're like, one of maybe 3 people I communicate with who know that game. A friend/bro IRL was raving about it on PSP and has been trying to get me into it. Nobody else had even heard of it.

Back in the day both Nintendo and Sega battled each other for third party exclusives and better versions of multi-platform games on their systems, and that trend continues with Sony and Microsoft today.
Yep. Never thought I'd see Sonic and Mario in the same game. Low and behold, it happened.

In terms of these new challengers appearing, the question that I've asked in this thread in previous posts is very relevant because I think it's what most people will be asking themselves. What does games does this system have that my current console and/or PC doesn't have? Why should I get this system if I already have stuff that can play video games right now?

I don't think the answer is "because you can get cheaper games on this new system" since scores of people around the world seem to be perfectly happy paying a premium for their games.
Yeah. Not solely the answer anyway. One of many. Perhaps I was over generalizing.
The idea I was getting across was speaking to customer attraction, in reply to where you'd more or less said most people just don't want to deal with the hassle of custom computer rigs, they really just want to plug in/insert game, and play. But yes. Come to think of it, the devs are the ones attracting (for lack of a better term) the customers and keeping them. Definitely a good point.

And I suppose I was also thinking of...something I'd read of cognitive science regarding exploits of human brains. But no matter.

Originally Posted by igyman View Post
...jlist maybe? They're sim style games for the most part.

But, on a serious note, I'm thinking of games like The Witcher 2, or even Battlefield 3, which (whatever you may think of them as wholes) are made on the PC for the PC and then ported to consoles, providing the best version on each platform. I'd even put Dishonored in this bunch based on how it plays on the PC, but at the very least it goes on the list of well-ported console games that came out in the last couple of years alone. Among them are The Darkness II, KoA Reckoning, Alan Wake (including American Nightmare), Sleeping Dogs (not counting the stupid decision to hard-code the arrow keys to certain commands, thus making them unmappable to anything else) and even the rather disappointing Assassin's Creed 3.
Most those names...just sort of roll over me. Sorry.

I never got into A.C. Not yet anyway. The only reason I'm considering AC3 is...well, it comes close to my heritage. Sorry to hear it isn't the best, though sequels and 3rd installments rarely match the original, let alone beat it.

So yeah, I definitely see an effort to increase the quality of PC games either by developing "for the PC first", or by doing a better job at porting.

On another note, I'm seeing comments that Ouya, Steambox and other newcomers aren't likely to achieve much against giants like Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, but I'd like to remind you all that Sega used to be among the giants once and Microsoft used to be the newcomer with the first Xbox. Bottom line, I wouldn't count the newcomers out so easily.
Well, as Lynk said, it matters who can get DEVs into their hat. I'm inclined to agree because my own history of vidya reflects this.
Steambox stands a good chance along those lines. In fact I'm pretty sure that's the only real way it stands a chance.

I only see the other two as...peripherals, albeit good ones. Here's to hoping I am proved wrong.

I definitely agree, but it's a shame many dev teams don't seam to realize the fact that without their games the consoles are nothing. Dev teams nowadays actually pay the console manufacturers "for the privilege of making a game for their console"! Doesn't make much sense, does it?
"Tail wagging the dog", if you'll excuse the analogy. Many devs simply don't realize the power they wield.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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