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Originally Posted by Q View Post
^ROFLCopter. OP's CPU is more than adequate for either KotOR game, as long as it's set to run on a single core.

@OP: Since ATI GPUs are notoriously glitchy with these games, I recommend an Nvidia GT 430 or better. You can find one for ~$30 after rebate if you're in the US.
Well, I don't live in the US. But I took at look at the GT 430. Reasonable prices. And I watched a video of somebody play BF3 with it. It was laggy at first but he's recording it so that would lag it a bit, and textures didn't load until like 3-5 seconds. But anyways, I'm fine with something like that. And I don't wanna start a fight on "Which option is the best option". Just something where I can still keep this computer, but get an actual graphics card for it. KOTOR and TSL run fine, but I want to play them and see everything they way it's supposed to.
But if I'm getting a new graphics card, I MAY need to get a new case.

EDIT: I think I found what I'm looking for:

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