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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I would hardly call the people that allowed the crackpot access to the gun the "victim," I can feel sorry for them, but to me the true victim are the innocents that got murdered by a gun they allowed access to.
On this we can agree. If anything I would call her an unwilling accomplice. She KNEW she had a problem with Adam. She was in the process of forcibly committing him. But she still recklessly allowed him access to the firearms.

As to your assumption that you would jump him: He had more than one firearm. Oh and just to be clear, the higher capacity mags tend to jam a lot more. That's what the guy in portalnd found.

I just feel that the whole gun debate is a bit like some drunk driver goes on a bender all night, and crashes his pickup into a school bus killing a bunch of kids, and suddenly we're talking about banning the pickup and making all other drivers have a breathalyzer interlock device in their cars.

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