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"Children are precious aren't they? So young and malleable."

"If you so much as touch that child I swear I'll launch you out into space in a cargo pod." Alriana said quietly. Not in an angry voice, but a matter of fact voice. "I gave you the chance to leave and you didn-"

She stopped as she felt a cold darkness reach out and instantly felt a combination of terror and anger. She knew instantly that Tyrannus knew what she had been hiding.

"You just made the last mistake you'll ever make." She said quietly. Varith looked over at her and smiled for just a moment as he ran at him and jumped up into the air and attempted to bring his lightsaber down on the sith.

"He has trouble dying."

As Xandros continued to run, he thought for a moment on how best to kill a sith. A few ideas came to mind.

"Don't worry, I have a few ideas in mind." He said as they rounded another corner. He reached out and detected the child and Alriana, they were very close. Twenty meters at most. They should be right beyond the next door.
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