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Crash to frozen menu; Please help, I want to beat it.

I'm playing through for the first time and have made it extremely close to the end of the game, I believe. Unfortunately, upon entering my ship to (I assume) head to the game's climax, the game doesn't bother to load the ship's interior, but instead throws me right to the main menu. Although the animations here still work fine, the menu itself in unresponsive.

I've attempted to load earlier saves, but I still have it eject me at the same point. I even added the console and cheat lines to the .ini so I could warp into the Ebon Hawk, but precisely the same thing happens.

Unfortunately the Steam version of the game doesn't seem to include a Launcher and I therefore don't know a lot of my system specs. All I really know is I'm running a version of Windows 7 and have two ATI Radeon HD 4800 graphics cards, crossfired. Also, according to my Device Manager, my processor is an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz.

If anyone can help me out, that would be awesome. I'm dying to see the end of this game.

*EDIT* If it helps, I can tell you that I have no mods installed and I'm not using any kind of "No CD Crack." The game was bought and installed using Steam and although I've had many different kinds of glitches throughout the course of playing, this is the only one that rendered the game completely unplayable.

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