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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
You lost me...this has gone from what I thought was serious discussion, to nonsensical. If I want to be exposed to these types of arguments I will just listen to Rush, Hanity, or foxnews...sounds like their talking points.

I never said a pistol was better than a AR-15. I said in my opinion a assualt weapon is crap for home defense. I have three pistols, but that isn't what I will grab if someone breaks into my home.
Maybe I didn't explain it very well. I do not believe that our government should have things you would not trust the common person with. And that would include nuclear devices. I would not want a person to have one of those, and don't feel that the government should either. Tanks, and jets, why not? Heck, we have all those aging A-10's that might actually be fun to fly(It could also help with our budget ). Look at the people in our government. Would you really call them smart? Who's finger would you trust on the trigger, yours or GW?

I personally prefer a shotgun for home defense, but it is far easier for my girlfriend to wield the AR than the shotgun. Plus the recoil on it is far less than the shottie. She's WAAAY more accurate. And she doesn't end up with a bruise.

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