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Originally Posted by Ignoble View Post
I really agree with you Lord of Chaos. I posted a vague outline of my ideas in a different topic. I like your idea of meeting Revan and the Exile and keeping them as companions.

Looks like the damn canon is blocking any future developments though. Why did they have to bring back Revan, retcon a lot of stuff and make a canon version just to give him a cameo in a MMO?
Thanks. It would have been easy to bring back Revan and the Exile without canon. All they had to do was think of a way to make them both wearing masks. The civil war idea between the Sith and connection between the Exile and Nihilus made that possible. LS Revan/LS Exile weren't going to be wearing Jedi robes if they infiltrated a Sith faction.

$$$ and poor writing is why they did it. A little bone to throw to the dogs who loved KotOR I & II. They could have at least kept the mask on Revan and hid his appearance. And don't get me started on the Exile's appearance... wow. She looked terrible, sounded stupid and had her head up Revan's ass.

Liked KotOR and KotOR II? Didn't like TOR and the Revan novel? Check out what I would have done instead:
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