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Being a Gray Sith

By Gray Sith, I mean the dark side of equivalent of Jolee Bindo, a Gray Jedi. This is how I play in SWTOR (as my Sith Sorcerer, anyway). Why?

Because I don't like pure LS and I don't like pure DS. I lean towards DS, because evil and because CONQUER EVERYONE LULZ but apparently being a lightsider means being an uptight arsehat, and being a darksider means being an idiot sadist.

Some idiot dark side examples:

1.On Balmorra, Grand Marshal Cheketta offers to publicly confess the Republic's support of the Balmorran resistance in exchange for his men being treated humanely as prisoners of war. This makes sense; it's a good trade. yet, going dark side means saying, "Nope, I want to torture your men and behead you NAO."

2. On Dromund Kaas, Darth Sadist develops a poison to give rebels a slow, lingering death, offering the theory that this will break all the other rebels' morale. His sergeant reveals that studies have shown (seriously, a medical phrase like this in Star Wars?) that this sort of terrorist action is at best ineffective and at worst counterproductive. Dark side choice means, "Nope, I'm an idiot who cares more about cruelty than actually getting something done."

For dark side, I want to play as an effective pragmatist, one who doesn't let morals get in the way of accomplishing his goals. Utter cruelty is counterproductive. Yeah, sure, it's evil, but still. Apparently being evil saps your brain. :/
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