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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I heard it on the radio...I am not going to look it up. I could careless if you have your confirmation or not.

Even if I were to find it you would spin it back to assualt weapons, which I have already said I could careless either way about.
Okay, well I was just trying to see if it was you mistaking what LaPierre said for something else. I know his phrasing was something like "Lock up criminals and get the treatment for the mentally ill." Which I would understand the mistaken association. But since you're not willing to say who it was, nor when, nor provide any kind of verification... whatever.

But you were right in your post regarding the only way to get things done is through honest open talks. The problem is(much as I have demonstrated) people are often too heightened and tense to have a rational discussion. Thus far, it's been too much of a blame game. I mean we're just hearing that the Aurora shooter's "High Capacity Magazine" jammed on him(anyone who's used them knows it happens more frequently) so he switched to murdering people with the shotgun. The point is it is not what kind of weapon, but WHO gets the weapon. Blaming the firearm is about the same as LaPierre blaming video games and movies. For some it may trigger something. But we know almost nothing about the causes of the 3(recent) shootings. When we stop pointing the fingers, we might see the truth. I feel that schools SHOULD have someone to protect the children. I mean we have a cop at almost every Walmart all the time. Perhaps we could maybe protect our kids as well as Walmart?

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