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lol ok whatever, at least i didnt have to pay for any of it, cause if i did i would be beyond pissed. get off your high horse. the tooth that this happened to was the bottom one, second one to the back from the canine on the left side.

military dentists probably have a different way of doing things than civilian doctors...i know the pay is the same for a military dentist regardless of the operation.

yeah you are probably right about the tooth decay.....but it would have gotten the dentist points from me if he would have told me the filling was RIGHT ON THE NERVE.

at the very least, that tooth survived over a year after without as much pain (though still had pain not present whatsoever before the drill and fill).

in the end, all of my teeth and bones are going to be scattered somewhere across the earth or in a box or burned so it doesnt ****ing matter so why bother ranitng about it on an internet message board.

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