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First rescue

I don't know how long I dithered. I kept coming back to the mirror, and she kept looking out at me. I was just glad this was not completely from an anime; that body would have caused me to have a nose bleed; what they use to show increased blood pressure from sexual tension in boys. Man I looked hot. Finally I lay on the bed, and somewhere in that time I fell asleep.

I woke up suddenly, and noticed that I was still in my clothes, but had also returned to normal. It was early, but I showered and got dressed to go to school. It was all a dream. Loki, the ring, turning into...that. Geeze, if I knew what I ate that caused it I could make a mint selling it!

I went downstairs, ate breakfast, and left the house heading for the bus stop with my briefcase in hand. It was a warm late spring day, and I sighed in contentment. All I needed to make this part of my life complete was to have a girlfriend...

Yeah right. I was like Cameron the friend of Ferris Bueller. Like the title character said in the movie, The first girl whose pants I got into would probably be the one I married, and she's going to treat me like dirt.

Then what I dreamed of having for a girlfriend came out of a door further down, and I paused in silent appreciation. Heather Wayne. Blond with hair that reached her waist, eyes as deep blue as the Black Sea, a supple figure toned from daily exercise, with muscles rippling beneath that taut delectable skin. At our school there are girls that the guys would die to date, or at least dreamed of having hot monkey sex with, and she was one of them.

She looked up, seeing me standing there. “Oh, hello...” She looked at me curiously.


“Oh, that's right, Nick.” She looked at the sky. “It's a beautiful day, isn't it?”

“Yeah. Fine day.” I took the bull by the horns. “Want to ride the bus together?”

“Sure.” we walked side by side. I wanted to take her hand, but if she didn't remember me from school why would she allow that? We reached the stop, and I checked my watch. About fifteen minutes. I told her that and she nodded absently.

“I didn't know you lived that close to me. My, what a nice ring.”

I looked down, and froze in shock. The ring from that nightmare was on my right hand!

“What do the symbols on it mean?” she bent to look more closely.

“Representations of some of the gods of other religions.”

“Ah.” As she looked away, I felt a pinching on my finger, and the ring began to glow.

Damn! If there is danger near by it will glow and pinch your finger. I was about to change! “Uh, I forgot something.”

“What?” She looked at me confused.

“I forgot. One of my library books is overdue! I have to run back and get it.”

“Oh.” I was already running so I just heard it as I ducked into the alley halfway back. I could feel my skin tingling, and I skidded to a stop.

I was in female form. But why? Maybe I could head to school, pretend to her that I was a new student. I walked back to the street, and turned.

A man was standing with her, and I could see his hand holding her arm in a tight grip. Somehow I knew his other hand held a gun. He started dragging her away.

“Stop!” I took off like an arrow, running toward them. The man froze, then he raised the gun. It fired, and I instinctively reached out ahead of me. Then I was flipping in mid air like someone had used a judo throw on me to land on my ass. My hand felt like I had caught a baseball barehanded, and I shook it as I opened it. The bullet he had fired fell from my hand.

He looked at the bullet, then at me, now stalking toward him, and ran for it. Heather looked at me, and I saw admiration in her eyes. She ran toward me, hugging me. “Thank god you were here! He was going to kidnap me!”

“I saw that.”

She pulled back, blushing. “I don't even know your name so I can thank you properly.”

Hell, I was blushing. That body hugging mine! I was in heaven until what she said clicked. Know my name? I looked down. Crap! I was still a woman!

“That's not important.” I told her.

“Yes it is. Please-”

“No. I'm late for school. Gotta run!” I took off running. If only I could fly... As I had the thought, I felt something buzzing near my feet and beside my ears. Then I lifted off the ground.

Remember the old TV show Greatest American Hero? A guy is given a magical suit by aliens that makes him able to fly, but he can never fly right? That was me. I remembered where I had seen the wings on feet and a helmet (In this case, I found I was wearing some kind of sweat band with them attached to it), the FTD logo. The very first time I had seen it, and was told it was the Roman messenger god Mercury, I had thought it wouldn't really work; the center of gravity in the human body is about stomach level.

My thoughts at that time came rushing back, because in this body the center was quite a bit higher with those D cup honeys on my chest. So my feet were going up, but my head was below them, trying to support all that superstructure. If that wasn't bad enough, every time I turned my head trying to find someplace to land, I shifted course like a demented hummingbird. I was flailing around like an idiot, bouncing off walls of buildings, and at one point flew right through a billboard.

I finally remembered the usual flying scene you would see in the comics, desperately thrusting one arm forward, bending the knee so one leg is thrust back. Immediately I had more control. I could adjust the bent leg up and down to allow my body to be level, and if I angled it further toward the other leg I could climb. I was using my eyes to look rather than turning my head so I was on a straight line course now.

Of course, this is not happening in a completely barren landscape. I'm dodging between buildings, hundreds of people looking up in amazement; and at one point, being pursued by a TV news helicopter. I found I could out run the helicopter, which was good for when I landed. I was actually feeling cocky. That's when it happened.

A window washer on one of those sliding scaffolds they use turned to watch me, and slipped, falling over the edge. Quick as a flash, I dived, and caught him. Bad idea. I remembered the center of gravity when his weight flipped me over on my back, now flying backwards. I went through a plate glass window, slamming through an office and screaming people until I skidded to a stop, legs splayed out like a stripper on a pole with him in my lap. I dumped the guy onto the floor, leaped to my feet, ran to the window, and flew back out before anyone could stop me.

Right. I was going to get to school- no near school and find someplace to hide until I changed back.

Getting some answers

There was a park nearby the school, that had restrooms, and I landed in it, running to the building. I ran inside, made sure no one was with me, then concentrated on slowing my pulse, and thinking, everything's cool. No danger, no worries. I opened my eyes, and saw my own face. Then my heart leaped as the door opened with a mother bringing her daughter in. I blushed, looking down, and sidled past them.

“You!” I froze, my head turning like a character in a horror movie realizing that the monster is behind them. The woman glared at me, pointing toward the floor. I turned further. Somehow my briefcase had come along with me, and she pointed at it. “You forgot something.”

“Yes ma'am, sorry, ma'am.” I sidled back, picked it up, and ran like hell.

Behind me I heard the girl say, “mama, why was he in the girl's bathroom?” Thankfully I didn't hear her reply. I was sure my face was glow in the dark red as it was. It was only about two blocks to the school, and I made it at a fast jog.

Have you ever noticed how much really weird crap happens because someone can't admit that society has changed? Cecil Rhodes starting what they now call the Rhodes Scholars by endowing young men to travel to other countries to study providing they keep it in their pants? It wasn't until later they admitted he was a flaming queen who thought sex with women was disgusting.

My school is a perfect example. St Swithin's Dual Preparatory Academy was started around the turn of the 20th century, and began because of a young Naval officer who went with Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry to force Japan to open their doors to the World in 1854. As a captain after the War between the States, he had commanded a steam sloop that went again to Japan delivering weapons the Japanese Army had bought in 1875, and while there had seen the most interesting school.

As much as we accept women as college graduates today, it wasn't always that way here in the States. Back in the century before last, a woman's school, even what we would call a college now, taught the 'womanly' arts; home economics, handling household accounts, along with deportment and acting like a lady. Most of the colleges are linked to men's colleges by affiliation, which is why the women of the one college end up marrying the guys from that men's college.

In Japan it was worse, because while women would learn to read and write, and compose Haiku, they weren't expected to do much of anything else. Someone had found a way to teach the girls more by attaching the girl's school to the boys; but still kept them segregated. So you had a series of building separated by a wall, with the girls learning on one side, the boys on the other.

That Naval officer retired not long after that last trip, and had been lucky through his life in the commodities exchange and investments. When he died, he left his money to fund a prep school that would teach the young to ready them for college, but since he thought co-educational schools were hotbeds of debauchery, they would be segregated. By giving the money to the Catholic church with that condition (Already a leader in sexual repression), he got his wish. The school was founded in 1900.

St Swithin's Dual Preparatory Academy is a school, but at the same time it is two schools. It stood on a huge plot of land with both schools butted up against each other. There are six gates, three into each wall enclosure. Every facility you might imagine was duplicated; classrooms, gym, cafeteria, pool, you name it.

Other people just as whacked as that founder had poured money into it, and except for the Library, which was begun in 1915 and renovated in 1970, it is a series of three story buildings that have been built since then. It is the only place on the entire campus where boys and girls mingle. It is also watched over by a special breed of nun who think sex is a filthy three letter word no child (Read any student) should even know, let alone contemplate.

The only direct access between the two campuses is that library building and the Admin offices. There's a wall that always reminded me of the old Berlin Wall between them; with sex rather than ideology as the only reason it exists. Everything they could do to make sure students weren't peering lustfully at each other was done. When they decided to put in pools in 1919, they built them where you couldn't see it from the other side of the wall, even if bathing suits of the early 20th century were pretty much short dresses for girls and Long Johns for boys.

Over each gate on an arching metal structure is the school motto:

libido ante matrimonium? Obliviscaris circa illam!

Literally; Sex Before Marriage? Forget About It!

That day started pretty quietly. But at lunch the Media storm caught us up as well. First was the news that some girl with super powers was flying around the city. They had shots of me from that damned TV helicopter. Of me catching the falling man, then interviews of the office workers. Luckily all you could tell from the chopper was that I was in a school uniform of some kind, with bright red hair.

I remembered the scene from the movie Star Trek: The Voyage Home that day. Kirk reacting to seeing Spock doing a mind meld with Gracie the Whale as the professor natters on. Everyone was talking about 'Her', with me listening in.

I was concentrating on what I didn't know rather than what I did. I needed to know more about the gods, because I had worked out that it was thanks to Baldur's invulnerability that I had been able to catch the bullet rather than being killed, and it was Mercury's accoutrements (What was that Greek God's name?) was how I had flown. But if I was going to do what the gods had chosen for me to do, I'd have to know a hell of a lot more. I didn't belong to any clubs; for some reason if I applied, they would forget that I had unless I got in someone's face. So after the last class, I headed to the library.

Even here they were talking about the super girl. I got past the first tittering crowd of girls to the computer access terminal. No internet access, just the catalog. I put in the word god. Yeah, right, it was stupid, I admit it, all right? I tried Mercury, and got listings for the planets, and for the periodic table of elements. I tried Baldur and found zip. After trying half a dozen gods by name, I was still hung up.

Well, when in doubt, ask a librarian. I headed to the reference desk. A girl with her black hair back in a pony tail was there reading, instead of one of the Dragon-nuns. I stood patiently until she finally noticed me. “May I help you?”

“Maybe. Is there a section with gods of other religions?”

She put down her book, and marked her place. Then folded her hands demurely. “Yes, but they are in the restricted section. After all, this is a Catholic school.”

“But I'm not a Catholic.”

“Be that as it may, only librarians are allowed access to the section.” She started to pick up her book again.

“Aw, come on, please?” I wheedled. She looked at me, and for a moment her mouth quirked as if she were going to smile. Then she stood. I followed her down the shelves to a section marked restricted. She took out a key, and opened the gate, ushering me inside before locking it behind us.

“Which pantheon did you need? A pantheon-”

“I had the word explained to me just yesterday. But thanks for the attempt.” I looked at the dusty books. “The Egyptians, the Japanese, the Greeks, and the Germanic tribes.”

“You mean the Norse.” She tapped her face, looking down the shelves, then again began walking with me tagging along. She paused at a shelf, and pointed upward. “The Norse are up there, but they don't have a ladder or step-stool in this section. You will have to get it down for me.”

“You're very kind.” I noticed her blushing. “Which shelf?”

“The sixth.” I looked up. There were a lot of books on it, and she directed me to the book. The books were packed tight. I hooked the top of the book, and tried to pull it out, but all the time it had sat there unused caused a lot of friction. I cursed under my breath and pulled hard. Five books fell, and I instinctively curled over her to protect her as they fell on us.

I ended up on my hands and knees still covering her. But she wasn't looking at me. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing heavily. Her hands caught at my shoulders, and she gave a moan that sounded like she was aroused. “Oh, you're... you're going to do that here!” Her body surged upward, her knees rising as if I were-

I looked down. One of the books had bounced and landed between her legs, the spine pushing up against her panties. She was lifting into it as if it were something a little more personal. “Now hold it-”

“Oh! I'm a virgin! I can't just, just hold it.” If anything she was getting more into it, her thighs locked on the book. “You can't make me... touch you.”

“Look, it's not what you think.” I tried to think of something to break through her fantasy. “I'm Nick Parker. What's your name?”

“Oh god! I'm finally going to do... that, and you don't even know my name!” She blushed again, and her thighs clamped down harder. “What a situation for a poor virgin girl to be in! What must you think of me?”

“At least tell me your name!” I asked desperately.

“Janice.” She breathed. She wasn't as big on top as I was in girl mode, but she heaved a lot more as she moaned and gasped. “Janice Keel. Please... be gentle.”

Someone coughed, and her eyes snapped open. She sat up as I looked over my shoulder at the Nun from hell. “Care to explain?” She asked coldly.

I leaped to my feet, seeing Janice climbing up and dusting off her skirt as she blushed. “I was helping her get down a book, and they fell on us, so I tried to make sure she wouldn't be hurt.”

“So in return for his saving you from harm, you offered him your virtue?” The Nun finished.

“Yes ma'am. I mean... no ma'am.” She was flustered.

The nun sighed. “You, leave.” She pointed at me, and hooked her thumb like an umpire calling the player out. I slid past her as she turned on the poor girl. Somehow I made it outside without being yelled at, and stopped outside the door into the boy's side, grasping my chest and breathing heavily. I'd have to go to the local library instead. At least I wouldn't have to deal with Monster Nuns and sexually repressed librarians with fantasies.

I went to my locker, and dropped off the books I wouldn't need for my homework, then headed toward the North gate and home. A few of the friends I did have wanted me to stop and talk about the super girl, and I kept getting dragged into the conversations and having to push my way through. I reached the gate, and turned left toward the bus stop. I walked down to the pedestrian cross walk, and as I reached it, a tentative hand tapped my shoulder.

Janice stood there, blushing at my attention. “Oh, sorry about leaving you in the lurch like that, Janice.”

“It's all right. She was just upset when she thought we were...” She blushed even deeper, if that were possible. She opened her book bag, and offered me a volume. It was the book on the Norse gods. “I thought you wanted to read this?” She asked the question hopefully, as if hoping for a lot more than reading.

“Thank you.” I took it, and slipped it into my briefcase. “You're a life saver.”

“It's all right.” A deeper blush. “I can get the other books out one by one as you need.”

“You're an angel.” She looked away, and the flush that had been dying roared back onto her face.

“You're too kind.”

Someone cleared their throat, and we turned. Heather was standing there. “Excuse me, Janice, I need to ask Nick a question.”

“Oh, you're...” She looked stricken. “I'll just go then.” She trudged dejectedly away. I watched her, confused. One minute a desperate sex kitten, the next a wallflower. What was it with her? Then I turned to Heather.

“Nick, I need your help.”

“My help?” I asked. What could I do for her that any other man in the campus would not do?

“There's someone I'm interested in. I just can't get them out of my head!” She gave a startled laugh, blushing. “I really would like to meet that someone again, and I was wondering if you knew them.”

I was excited, but confused. How would I know this unnamed person?

“She saved me from being kidnapped from the bus stop after you left, and she came out of the same alley you ducked into, so you at least saw her.”


“Please.” She clutched her book bag to her chest. “If you know who she is, could you introduce us?”

“Uh, yeah, sure. If I ever see her again, I'll let her know.”

She brightened up, then impulsively kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks, Nick. I owe you one!” Then she was gone, running across the street to the bus stop.


'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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