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Enjoying Hoth

I am really liking Hoth, not sure if it is partly because i love the colour blue but it is a fun planet and the missions for the Jedi are interesting and doable, so far. Some are challenging but i am learning to level up well in advance of the specs to have fun with the game.

I went looking for Datacrons yesterday and got two but the one up on the Star of Coruscant, i went along a ledge of the ship when i should have gone down, i will have to try again.

in this pic i see that my companion has an itch...i guess they get to be human too.

One of them you have to defeat a level 47 unless i get some help i will have to wait on that one ...

well almost to level 40, seems like it has been a long journey, but i am glad i made it this far.

I noticed something, once you level up a certain amount from a world you cant get any XP from the battles there, i went back to Alderan to try to level up some and i got no credit for defeating any ordinary foes and only a few XP for a Heroic mission, i guess that is to keep people from XP mining. I will have to go back to Balmora before I get too far ahead as i still have some of the Bonus missions to do there.

hope everyone else is doing well and having fun, i hope to join in the group events sometime once i get to 50 but that may take a couple of months

May the Force be with us all, except for Imps and they have to settle for the Emperor being with them

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