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Wow thanks, i do like Alderan, it is one of my other favorite planets. thanks a lot i will go there once i get up to 40 for a nice break. I am getting a little cold here on Hoth but thanks a lot. appreciate that info.

Another thing i really enjoy is helping out strangers i come across in tough battles, and some times they help me it is a nice way to expand the game. I have been invited to group up but my servers have been so bad and my game freezing still at times i was embarassed to hang someone else up so i tend to run away, is hard to change the chat window over too, so i am pretty shy about that and have not even gotten my social badge points yet i dont think, i went to Corussant to respond to that prompt for that msission but didnt see anything to it is still on hold even tho i have grouped up about eight times already...i guess i didnt know how to get credit for it. So i am a lone wolf...except for my companions.

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