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Originally Posted by OzzieMonkey View Post
Voice hiccups - lines of dialogue don't get time to finish before another one starts; this doesn't happen with every line but when it starts, it happens more frequently after that point. Sometimes one line will just have a pause with no sound and I'll get the end of the line, for example "How appropriate, you fight like a cow" might change to " a cow". Note that I'm playing without subtitles on.
Did you try increase or decrease the cycle setting in DOS-Box? If it is too high for your computer, sound issues will usually occur. If it is too low, the game will slow down.
Also check and try different command line options. Type
monkey ?
to get help on those.
Game specific bugs:
MI1 - After haggling the price of the ship down to the right price with Stan, the option to make an offer of 5000 pieces o'eight is not available.
This is not a bug, it's a feature. You are playing in "match voice acting"-mode. Switch to "keep original text"-mode.
The 5000 was omitted until your first offer, since that could possibly lead to unvoiced prices.
Originally Posted by Scummbuddy View Post
I believe that voice hiccups issue with at least the MI1 Talkie Project was "fixed" by setting the dialog/text speed of the in-game options to be very fast.
This "fix" works with subtitles turned on only. Keep in mind, that in "keep original text"-mode, some unvoiced lines may pass by very fast then, though.
With subtitles off, this fix was suggested for the original SE, and is only required there.
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