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Need a Little Help....

hey hey,

first time poster, i know i am some what 10 years too late lol, but i was hoping if i could get some help n regards to modding.

so, i have read the skinning and armour editing and head creatng tutorials, that's all great.. but how do i...

a.) place the custom character into the game? he will be a party member, will probably replace the astromech droid (he is vrtually useless in kotor 1 :P)

b.) what script would i need to use to replace the little droid with my new party member (he will be recruitable straight after dantooine, thinking of putting him on the yavn 4 station, so you can just go there and talk/recruit him)

c.) aaannd how to get the completed character actually onto the yavin 4 module?

sorry if these seem like noob-ish questions.. i'm not as young as half as the people here, my brain needs extra TLC :P
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