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Almost a minute later, all things went to hell. Varik smashed into the ground, still grappled to Sevairis. A massive force wave pulverized Varik into an opposing rock face. He pulled himself out of it - and slumped to the ground, almost limp. He attempted to pull himself up, but he began to stumble and almost fell again. Ligaments felt torn, and some bones felt broken. He tried using the Force to heighten his adrenaline levels and block out the pain, but it wouldn't matter if his ligaments and bones were broken.

Still he tried, and he managed to walk a couple steps before falling again. Losing his focus, he felt massive pain shoot all around his body. He bit his tongue with all his might, to prevent him from screaming in pure agony. His tongue began to bleed as he held it in, and attempted to crawl by just using his arms to pull him forward. He pulled out a vibroknife from somewhere inside the folds of his robes to give him a stronger hold. Eventually, he started getting closer, only a few dozen feet away from where Corsail was.

He grabbed ones of his lightsabers and ignited it. He then threw it at Sevairis's leg, using the Force to guide it and hoping that it would strike.

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