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Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
Weeell, it's not like you can't frame canvas prints... hell, Steve's original is painted on canvas (I guess) and is framed... oil paintings from hundreds of years of art are hanging in museums... framed...

By the way, I think it depends on the frame, what kind of painting you can put into them... and I don't know heck about frames (so this is probably an indication about where my talents end )
Well, it may have taken a while for me to find the frame that I wanted, but finally, I did, and here she is!:

Once again, a massive thank you to Laserschwert/everyone else involved. It didn't cost a lot to do, (3 in total actually, and that was just for the wood to make the mounting frame out of), but this is now one of my most valued possessions, and will probably turn into an heirloom down the line
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