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NAME: Uric Rinsen
AFFILIATION: Galactic Republic
AGE: 40
WEAPONS: Vibroblade
EQUIPMENT: Ration Packs, Grenades, Blaster Deflector Shields and his retired Lightsaber
OCCUPATION: Ex-Jedi Knight, now a Servant of The Force
HISTORY: Once a prominent Jedi Knight at the time when the Jedi were on Coruscant. After the Jedi moved to Tython, Uric made discoveries about the long forgotten Je'daii and their teachings. He left the Jedi temple to follow those teachings
and try to find the balance between the dark and light side, retiring his Lightsaber in the process, only using in extreme cases. After travelling various planets and helping the cause of the Republic on the Outer-Rim, he founds himself
going to the barren planet of Tatooine, where he has a feeling that something bad is about to happen...

((Will upload the appearance later!! It's my first RP! So please bear with me if I did something wrong haha))
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