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We need...get Corsail out

Avriela could tell that they were quickly losing this battle. Corsail was out of action and and Varik wasn't looking much better. Light was trying to contact her but she was having trouble, the sith was somehow jamming the message partly. Although she had fought many sith during her time she had never seen one this skilled in combat in her life.

She quickly looked at Varik who had just thrown his lightsaber at the mysterious sith when she realized what she had to do. It was going to be very painful but it was the only way to make sure that they survived this fight.

She sent a burst of energy through the force and was momentarily able to get a message through to light although she could tell it was going to be scrambled.

Get Varik and Corsail to safety. I'll handle the sith.

Avriela took a running leap and brought her ignited double bladed lighsaber down on the sith who had just found his lightsaber and summoned it to his hand just as the lightsaber that Varik had thrown hit the sith hilt first before making a cut in his leg as the blade part of it caught a bit of his leg. She closed her eyes in anticipation of the pain that was to come.

She wasn't disappointed.

Her arm burned with an intense pain as the Sith's lightsaber cut up across her arm. Not deep enough to cut all the way through but enough to cause her severe pain and badly injure her arm.

But it allowed her to get close enough with her other, undamaged arm and slam the lightsaber blade through the sith's shoulder. The sith let out a loud roar of pain as the hilt slammed into his body, knocking him to the ground. The blade of the lightsaber cut through the rock and ground, pinning him to the ground.

Avriela rolled off the sith who was still trying to remove the lightsaber without much luck and smiled as she found herself face to face with the injured Varik.

"We got him." she whispered in agony as she staggered to her feet and leaned against a boulder and offered her hand to Varik. "I personally think that we should kill him but we could question him."
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