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Light received most of the message, assuming that she said for him to get Corsail and Varik to something, figuring she meant safety, and then we should fight the Sith. He quickly moved to Corsail, checked for injuries that would make it a bad idea to move him.

Finding none, Light picked Corsail's limp body off the ground and onto his shoulder in a fireman's carry. He used the force to move quickly to the speeder he had driven and laid him down behind it.

Light returned to the site of battle to find the Sith pinned to the ground. One way of doing things..

He walked over slowly to where the Sith was, and the other--former Sith Avriela was nearby, apparently attempting to help Varik up. Light took the lightsaber from the Sith's hand, igniting it and one of his own, crossing them at his neck.

"Were you the one who killed those troops at the HQ? What do you know about Voleran?" Light spoke the two questions he had for the Sith with ease despite the damage he had done to two members of the group.
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