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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Yeah, tried lvl 50+ PvP... kept being murdered. 0 Expertise... not good .
When I started doing PvP, Lynk told me to expect to die a lot. And that's the way it is. Obviously, having some PvP gear is vital (and as Lynk pointed out, you can get the Recruit Gear for free - about the equivalent of Tionese in PvE, so anything Tionese or lower should be swapped out for the Recruit gear), but the system is a bit broken anyway. People who are fully equipped with Elite War Hero gear get to fight new level 50 PvP players, or a team of random fresh PvP players are put against a well-oiled PvP team with Elite War Hero gear. It can be frustrating if you're only a beginning PvP player, but if the teams are well-balanced, it is a lot of fun.

My Bounty Hunter Mercenary had no PvP gear when I started, but I already had a lot of Black Hole gear, so I wasn't entirely useless. Expertise is important, but you can often still make a difference without it if you're decently geared.

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