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Exar Kun Battle-Suit

Taken straight from the readme

Exar Kun battle Suit: Exar Kun Light Battle armour re-texture and stats modification.
by Xavier1985 (Ross jackson)

i was always displeased at Bioware's attempt at Exxar Kun's suit,
it was dissaponting to say the least. So i decided to re-texture the current
one to be mmore fittng in a Cannon sense.


Re-textured and enhanced version of the "Exar Kun Light Battle Suit"

see screen shots for visual.

The stats altered and added are as follows:

Defense Bonus: 9

Max Dexterity Bonus: +3

+3 vs. Light side

+3 vs. dark side


Persuade +3

Awareness +3

Bonus feat:

weapon focus, proficiency & Specialization - Lightsaber

two weapon fighting, improved two weapon fighting, master two weapon fighting.

Strenght +4

Charisma +4

Extract all files to the "override" directory


Delete the following files from the override directory:





Where to find the armour?:

if you wsh to get it legit style, it is in the vendor on the yavin 4 station.

if you wsh to get it there and then, type the follow into the console:

giveitem g_a_class6006


You may NOT re-upload on any other site with out my permission

You MAY use this in any mods you wish to make, but you must gain permission from me first. (email below)

You may NOT alter the mod with out my permission.


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Download Page Link

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