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Al Ciao if your going to be a healer then you need to use the corruption tree as it has all of your healing abilities that matter. Revivication is an AOE heal that can heal up to 8 teammembers at once. Basically they are called circles in most aspects. If you are going dps then you don't really need to worry about the corruption tree but don't need to tell people you can be the healer either just that you can heal some of the time and healp out with healing.

I didn't get revivication until like lvl 47 or 48 I think and healing was pretty hard until I got that power and it became much easier. Consumption unless its a dire situation should really only be used with revivication because you are healing yourself with the aoe while you take your health for force power. I would try to get at least your basic saber strike back on your quickbar somewhere to use in case you do run out of force power.

Healing is a full time job just like tanking. You can throw some dps in there when everyone is ok but trying to dps and heal isn't really something that should be done all the time. If its you and one other person doing like 2 man heriocs or some such then yes dps away and heal. But if it is a FP or a 4 man herioc just heal heal and more heal.

And I have my 6 quickbars one has pets and vehicles one has all my quick travels and fun toys. One just has my healing abilities andone I have for medpacs and stims and my herioc abilities. The other two are my dps abilities when I need them and my healing abilities again.

And like Hassant said I don't have them bound or anything just click the bar itself. probably not the best method for a healer but so far it has worked for me.

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