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Help with adding CUSTOM music to KOTOR 1

Here's my problem. I have used jamezy91's tutorial on how to add CUSTOM music to Kotor 1 on this link:

I know this thread is a few years old, but I followed the tutorial to add a new song (which is in .MP3 format) to the letter, but there's either no music at all ingame, or the area music just replaces the battle music.

Here's what I did. I edited the ambientmusic.2da file that I extracted with Kotor Tool to have another line at the end, and it looks something like this:

49|-1|mus_bat_combinored| | | |

I put that edited ambientmusic.2da file in the Override folder, as instructed, then I extracted the m10aa.git file, extracted with Kotor Tool from the end_m10aa.rim, and edited it with K-GFF so that the label MusicBattle under AreaProperties has the value 49 instead of 32, which is the mus_bat_sithbs.waw file. THEN I opened the end_m10aa.rim file from the modules folder, in ERFEdit and copied over the edited m10aa.git file, and saved the edited end_m10aa.rim file back into the modules folder.

The new music should be playing in the beginning on Endar Spire as a result, but it either gets replaced by the area music, or it plays silence.

Can someone help me, what am I doing wrong?


Nevermind. It seems I managed to make it work somehow. It was either changing the (Description) from -1 to something like 42436 (next Description number after the one in the row labeled 48) or shortening the name of the MP3 file to 16 characters MAX, since I originally put it way more than 16 characters.

Anyway, I'll keep editing it this way from now on. At least this thread will be helpful for some that have had the same problem as I have.


Now I have a new problem. Since the limit for the number of lines in the ambientmusic.2da file is 50 lines, is there any way to increase that number to add more custom songs to the game? Because replacing existing ones doesn't work, because when I enter the name of the music file I want to trade for an existing one in the (Description) column (for example, erase mus_theme_sith and put in mus_bat_combi), it just switches back to the original filename under that row number, the minute I saved the edited ambientmusic.2da and load it up again.

I'd really appreciate some help with this, if anyone can help me.

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