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Force Kill is bugged

Hi guys

I recently decided to play KOTOR1 again, however, this time using Mods

After the initial issues I had with the game (random crashes, crash during cutscenes, etc..), it works more or less stable by now.

However, there is a small bug that is annoying me:
The force power "Kill" has no effect anymore.
"Wound" and "Choke" work normal but "Kill" does nothing at all (Caster uses the animation but the target is unaffected, no resist)

Since I am using many mods the problem probably lies with one (or more) them.
Do you guys know this bug? What could be the cause? How could I eliminate it?

Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge
Recruitable Kay
K1 Force Pack
Force Quake
Content Pack 1
Enhanced Force Lightning color K1
Male Head Pack
Enhanced Merchants for K1
Crixler's New Lightsaber Crystal Pack I
Big Bad Sound Mod MKII
Dialogue Pack
Bastila Romance Enhancement
Realistic Visual Effects
Robes for Korriban Sith Students
Invisible Headgear for K1
Revan's Flowing Cape and Belt
Green Grass for Dantooine
Taris Reskin
Vurt's K1 Hi-Res Ebon Hawk Retexture

Thank you for your help!
Best wishes,
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