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using the 1024x7xx resolution or what ever it is, the wide screen fix doesn't seem to work for me, i am on a laptop that has the intel "graphics" chip, so i can play with the "high" texture setting, but all the anti aliaing etc doesn't seem to work, or atleast i haven't found a way to do it, so it would look relatively low res to some modders with an actual graphics card.

i have a full version of fraps and upload the pics at 800 x 800 using the image shack uploader


ok, so read up some stuff, apparently my chip does support anti alliaisng! in game graphics have it blurred out, so i assumed it wouldn't, but i altered the games ini file to x16 AA etc

some sample screens..

Show spoiler

it seems to have made some difference, but if the widescreen patch worked, the pictures would probably be a higher standard.

Another Edit:

too some new cassus fett armour pics, they are un the cassus fett label, naturally.

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