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CrisG the thing you need to get is an augmentation kit. The MK-1 kits cost 1,000 credits and the MK-6 kits cost 30,000 credits to install them.

You can find them on the GTN for varying prices or maybe someone from your guild can make you one.

Depending on what level you are and what level Augment you are trying to put in it depends on what kind of kit you need. The MK-6 Kits will take any augment while the lower ones will take one for that level or lower. An Mk-5 kit will take its level and anything that will fit in a lower kit but not and Aug that will fit in a MK-6 kit. You see what I mean? If it is gear that you really like and that is moddable I would suggest a higher kit to start with so you don't have to keep changing the kits out when you upgrade augs.

The kits can be made by certain crew skills (Armstech, Armormech, Synthweaving and I think maybe Cybertech makes them) It takes 10 aumentation slots of a certain kit to make one kit for the augments. Augmentation slots can be found on the GTN or by reverse engineering items you make. Depending on the level of the item determines the augmentation slot you get.

If you don't know what level the item is you are making you can tell by what grade mats you are using to create the item. For instance if you are using grade 4 mats when you reverse engineer the item you will get a augmentation slot 4 and so on.

And as for the problem of people parking their speeders on you on the fleet try using the GTN on Coruscant as there aren't alot of people there using that one and there is a Cargo Access and Mailbox as well. You could also try the Hutt Trade Network on Nar Shaddaa but the mail and cargo access aren't as all close together as on Coruscant.

Hope this helps

And I have a question for Gunslingers and Snipers. Is there a way to disable the roll into cover option? I know with Slingers you get an immediate charged burst when you drop into cover and constantly gettting up and dropping into cover is a way to get some good dps but for it to be effective you need to already be targeting someone and I always wind up rolling right into a firebomb or lighting storm when I want to stay in one place.

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