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Originally Posted by LDR View Post
He tried using the male texture for the female armor. And well...UVMaps weren't friendly.
haha ha ... just ...

Originally Posted by Xavier1985 View Post
should be fixed now, also dealt with a pixel error and the armours are properly coloured and textured, i tried to make a custom texture, but due to the shine of the armour, very difficult to see it given he colours used.
yup. Now it works, well, it's a female actually ...

however, too dark texture for me, the female at least, had to lighten it quite a bit u know ... good job with the shinny thing, at least I see it more shinny than the default textures, or maybe not and u didn't touch that??

oh, and now I have both the Exar Kun light armor and this suit to choose from, both with same texture but different stats. Not a problem for me.

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