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Balmorran Canyons

"What's next?"

Avriela looked at the group and then looked towards the direction of the republic base. "I think we should head back to the ship. If what the sith said was true we may be walking into a trap if we head back to the base. I think the best thing we can do is get Zarev and Per'dra out of there and then decide our next move."

She looked over at Varik. "When he grabbed your arm...I felt something in the force. I'm not exactly sure what it was though. Did you feel anything or sense anything when he grabbed your arm? Anything at all?

Republic Base

"He very well might be, because I have the feeling this Force presence is familiar. Regardless, we need to bolt! Come on!"

"Agreed." Zarev said as he continued running with Per'dra. As they ran through the corridors Zarev could hear shouts of anger. An alarm began to sound through the corridors.

"Attention! Base is now on lockdown! We have intruders in the base!" Zarev shook his head as he saw the doors begining to close behind them.

"This whole planet isn't safe! We need to contact Vlalkor and get aboard the Shan!"

Zarev's comnlink shook once and Vlalkor's voice echoed through the corridor. "I was able to hack into the base's comnlinks. Already on my way. I'm prepared to blast my way through the front doors if you can't reach the entrance. After we grab you we need to pick up the others, I'm picking up a large group of imperials heading towards them."
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