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I am on that because the NRA is against requiring people to report stolen guns. Someone buys a gun for someone, it is used in a murder, police trace it back to person that bought it, they say it was stolen and case is done. That is way the system works now. Chicago is trying to get this changed, but the NRA is against it.

As to your friend, I am against that still, but for another reason. If he did what a reasonable person would have done in protecting his weapons and they were still stolen and he reported them stolen, then I would be against him not being able to purchasing more guns. Hell, he probably actually needs them for protection more than the rest of us and he did nothing wrong to have one of his rights taken away. He was responsible and others violated his rights, then government should not step in and further remove his rights. Only thing the 3 times would do is make more people not report stolen weapons until the police knocked on the door.

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