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Question GetObjectByTag fail?


I'm having trouble in scripting. The script I'm working on obviously does more than I show here, but this covers my issue:

void main() {

	object oPC = GetFirstPC();


	object oDavik = GetObjectByTag("tar08_davik081");
	object oCalo = GetObjectByTag("tar08_calo081");

	if (GetIsObjectValid(oDavik)) {
		SendMessageToPC(oPC, "oDavik is valid.");
	} else SendMessageToPC(oPC, "oDavik is invalid.");

	if (GetIsObjectValid(oCalo)) {
		SendMessageToPC(oPC, "oCalo is valid.");
	} else SendMessageToPC(oPC, "oCalo is invalid.");


I got the tag values from m08aa.git, which is part of the RIM file for Davik's Estate, where they're stored as a RESREF value (there is no "Tag" label for Davik and Calo).

Every time I run this in the feedback screen I see "oDavik is invalid" and "oCalo is invalid". I assume this happens because I'm not using the right tag values in the GetObjectByTag functions. However, I don't know where else besides the GIT file to look for the right tags... I get a feeling I'm being terribly noobish here and there is an obvious solution. Or so I hope.

Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: by the way, this is a script that runs during the second node of the first dialog in that module, when Davik and Calo clearly do exist .

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