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Unhappy Still no Full Throttle... :(

Here it is... 2013... Where the Hell is the New Full Throttle?

I was walking around the swap-meet a few years ago and stumbled upon a (almost) perfectly preserved boxed copy of Full Throttle. Without hesitation, I gave the lady the $3 she was asking for it. Hell, I might have given her a $100 bucks for it.

I had originally received my first copy of the game for Christmas, 1995. My dad had noticed me checking it out when we were visiting a software store and surprised me with it. Me and a friend played this game for a week straight until we had beat it.

I never could get the old FT CD to cooperate with my newer performance based computers, and so, I was never able to play my $3 copy I found at the swap-meet, but, the notion to search for it online had begin.

An older game, so, I figured downloading it online wouldn't matter to much anyone and it was probably available.

Sure enough...

I still play this game today, most recently, around three weeks ago. Whenever I feel nostalgic, I tap into my inner-biker. I can get trough it on about an hour and a half or so and love every minute of it.

If anyone over at LucasArts may happen to read this, just know that I will wait with an open ear forever for Full Throttle II, if that's what it will take. As I am sure many others reading this would. Please spare us an eternity of wondering what might have been..

Please give us more Full Throttle.
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