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Originally Posted by Darth Leo View Post
Sorry for the double post. What happens when the MusicDay and MusicNight values are different? Can you have two different tracks play in the same area?
Yes you can. At least in KOTOR 1, but I suppose it works for KOTOR 2 as well. I used the tutorial for adding custom music to KOTOR 1 to add some more songs, then edited the .GIT files from every level (.rim file), replacing the values for the MusicNight tracks, while leaving the MusicDay tracks values, since I already replaced the corresponding .wav files with some custom .mp3 songs. The only problem I have now is that the MusicNight track ALWAYS plays first in every area, repeats for 30 minutes (5-6 times) and THEN switches to the MusicDay track, which does the same thing before switching back.
Does anyone know if there some way to control how many times the tracks repeat before they change to the alternate track for the area?
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