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I have a question regarding the MusicDay and MusicNight tracks, if I may.
Let me explain my situation first.

I entered a few custom songs into the list in ambientmusic.2da, and then I copied and renamed the tracks to the "streammusic" folder. I extracted each and every one of the .GIT files for the levels and changed the values for the MusicNight tracks, leaving the MusicDay values alone. The delay when repeating the same track, or when changing between tracks was too long for me, so I set the MusicDelay values to 0 in every .git file. The results were:
1. All of the custom tracks work, and there are no camera problems.
2. There is no delay when changing tracks, either from MusicDay to MusicNight and vice-versa, or from the area track to the MusicBattle track and vice-versa, which is what I wanted anyway.
3. The MusicNight track for the area ALWAYS PLAYS FIRST, when entering/loading an area, and it repeats at least 5-6 times before it switches to the MusicDay track for the area.

My question is: Is there a way to control how many times the MusicDay/MusicNight track repeats before switching to the alternate track? I'd like to set it to NOT repeat at all, just play once and switch to the next track, and for the next track to switch back after playing once. I'm not that good with scripting, so If the solution is somewhere in the .nss file, I need some help.
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