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TOR ate my KotOR
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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Leveling, I usually don’t worry much about critical, alacrity, surge or accuracy. I mainly concentrate my efforts on getting my main stat and power as high as possible. After hitting 50 I will try to get my main stat as high as possible while getting the three out of the four (Critical, Alacrity, Surge and Accuracy) depending on class to around 285 to 300 and then stack power as high as possible. You really have to watch drops, some look really good until you figure out that sacrificing cunning for accuracy for a sawbones is a really bad idea. I have seen cunning with shield drop, which would be great for a smuggler tank, but there are no smuggler tanks in the game.

As a healer, I wouldn’t worry about Alacrity much until I hit 50. The time saving is not significant and I would much rather trade of the cast time for bigger heals or better chance that I hit a critical heal. Stack the main stat as high as possible, look for ways to increase power and if anything choice surge and critical over alacrity. I know some healers that don’t even take alacrity at 50, they would rather stack more power, crit or surge. Me, I just do what Mav and Seijin tell me to do. So I am in the 285 to 300 range on Critical, Surge and Alacrity, Accuracy is useless to a sawbones, just as it is to a Seer Sage.

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