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1) I'm not saying my ideas are Lucas good, but I think they're good and I don't give a **** if being proud of my work makes me come across as arrogant. I meant I was like Lucas in the sense that I'm not good at executing my ideas into some kind of screenplay or fan fiction well.

2 & 3) You won't, but you don't speak for everyone else. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything, nor am I assuming anyone will do anything with it. But I'll never know unless I give people a chance to at least look at what I've done. That's why I said *if* you want to...

I wrote what I'd do for a story if another KotOR game came out. It's just an outline of my plot, no dialogue or specifics about party members and what not.

Liked KotOR and KotOR II? Didn't like TOR and the Revan novel? Check out what I would have done instead:
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