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All right, I give.

What the Hell?

The next morning I got up, staggering toward the bathroom. I had stayed in girl form all night mainly because I hadn't considered changing back. After all, if I needed to save the day again, it would save time. When I turned on the bathroom light, something about my appearance caught my attention.

I was still a girl. For a moment, it didn't matter, but then suddenly it did. It wasn't that I had wanted to stay a girl just in case, it was that every time last night that I had thought about changing something kept me from completing the thought until now.

I closed my eyes, looking for the threat that might have kept me female, but there was no threat. I closed my eyes, calming myself. No worries, no danger. I opened my eyes,

No change. I was still a girl.

There was something, like a faint fragrance in the air, or a subtle play of light on a background. “Sova.” I snarled. Somehow she had trapped me in this form. But why?


“You called, oh pulchritudinous one?” At my blank look, it sighed. “What do you want?”

“Why am I stuck in female form?”

“Scanning... Odd, someone has cast a spell locking you in that form.”

“But how? If I have powers, how could someone circumvent them?”

“They didn't. They just reset your default mode so you're a girl instead of a boy.”

“So how do I correct it?”

“Find out who and why, work from there.”

“I really hate you.” I grabbed my briefcase and took off for school. I could still fly, so I did. I had to find her and get some answers. I landed in the park, stormed to the school, and went in.

“Wow, look at the hot chick!” Some guy said.

“Holy puberty!' Another moaned.

I looked around. I had forgotten I was a girl at the moment, and suddenly I felt like a cat at a Dog show. Every eye was locked on me, and I knew what was behind those looks. It wasn't what I would call fun unless I really was a girl, and a party girl at that.

“Sorry guys. Came in through the wrong gate.”

“Oh please!” One of the guys grabbed his crotch. “Maybe you can... entertain us?” He leered.

“Does that actually work for you?” I snapped. He looked confused. “Grabbing the crotch and leering actually makes girls interested? What breed of animal actually gets off on that?” There was a growing area of silence around me.

“Young lady!” I saw one of the monks who taught on the boys side storming toward me. “Girls are forbidden on the boy's side!”

“I know, Brother Elliot.”

“How did you know my name?” He asked, confused.

“Just lucky, I guess. I am sorry.” He flicked his fingers as I turned and walked back out. I went to the next gate. I had never been on the girl's side, and we on the other side had always imagined what it was like. Fainting couches, hot tubs full of nude girls, full make up mirrors, all of the fantasies a guy might have of what was going on.

Actually it looked like the boy's side, just institutional salmon walls instead of institutional puke green. Other girls were walking in, chattering like magpies. Then someone noticed me, and poked her neighbor. Another area of silence began to grow as every eye turned to look at me. Oh god, some of those looks were just as predatory as the guys!

“Ah, Ms Parker. So good of you to join us.” I turned, and there was Sova. “Ladies, I am sure there is something you should be doing. So be about it.” As if she had waved her wand, everyone headed toward the doors of the buildings. She stopped by me. “Come on, we'll talk in the cafeteria.”

“Why did you do this to me, Sova?”

“As I said, you are an interesting person. I wanted to find out more about you, but waiting until after school would have been counter productive.”

“And changing me into a girl wasn't?”

“I didn't change you. I merely-”

“Yes, I know. Reset my default.”

“Very good.” She gave me a considering look. “This way, if I sat with you at lunch or bumped into you in class, no one would wonder why I am taking an interest. After all, I am the one who tells all of the new girls the rules.”

“And how did I miraculously become a female student?Without school records or ID?”

“You have records. As for your ID,” She reached into her pocket, and hand me a laminated card. My female face looked up, with N. Parker listed as the name.

“Magic is a wonderful thing. You are an exchange student from back East, and if anyone checked the school you had supposedly gone to, there would be records there as well.”

“When are you going to let me change back?”

“When I have satisfied my curiosity.” we entered the cafeteria, and she brought me to the serving line. I took a cup of tea, and she one of coffee, and we sat. The rules were pretty much the same as they were on the boy's side. She handed me a class schedule that matched my normal one right down to room numbers. “So, tell me about yourself.”

“What's to know? You already know just about everything anyone else does about me.”

“What are your hobbies?”

“Watching Japanese Animation and jerking off.” She looked confused. “That was a joke.”

“I did tell you to let me know the next time.” She shook her head. “I took it for sarcasm.”

“It was.” I rubbed my head. “I have a lot of interests that I can satisfy using the internet, so I spend a lot of time surfing. I am a font of sometimes worthless information.”

“Ah. And do you date?”

“In this school?” I laughed. “You girls might as well be on the moon for all the chances we would get. And girls who don't go to this school think we boys are all perverts in training.”

“Or the girls are Vestal Virgins.”


“So, you don't even have fantasies about it?” I looked at her. With anyone else, I would hope she was flirting with me. But then again, I tried to picture Sova flirting with anyone who isn't as perfect as she was, and would think she was playing a cruel joke. But I couldn't see her playing a practical joke on anyone. From what I had heard about her, and seen so far, she was as subtle as a punch in the mouth.

No, she was interested in me the same way a scientist would be interested by a bacteria he had never heard of.

“Every guy has fantasies.” I admitted. “But I am too grounded in reality to give them much leeway. With any girl alive that I might have a fantasy, about there are a couple million guys ahead of me. It's like imagining living in California, and dreaming that you buy a lotto ticket and win with only one pick. Even when you know logically that you have better odds of being hit by a meteorite. So I let my fantasies die a natural death.”

She looked saddened by that. “So you have you never even considered it?”

“Why bother? I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, or the best looking, or the wittiest. I'm just an average Joe.” I sighed. “If there is a woman out there for the likes of me, I expect her to be as lackluster as I am. Someone I will meet romantically in the frozen food aisle as we both reach for the same TV dinner.” I almost wanted to cringe. “I'm not worthy of the interest of a really attractive and intelligent woman.”

“But you have succeeded in gaining my interest. That is not something any other boy can say over there.” She waved toward the Berlin Wall.

I looked up, seeing Heather standing beside the table. “May I had a word with our new student, Madam President”

Sova smiled. “Of course you may. Have a good first day.”

I would have answered, but suddenly I was being towed like a luxury liner out of the cafeteria. Heather headed for the gym, walking us inside, ignoring my protests until we reached the equipment room. She spun around, then lip locked me.

“Whoa!” I said when she came up for breath. She looked deep into my eyes.

“You've saved me twice. You must let me thank you,” She husked, “somehow.”

If I had been a guy at the moment, this would have been my dream; like Prince Charming looking into which ever princess' eyes after rescuing her from durance vile. “Heather, we know nothing about each other. No one could fall in love this quickly.”

“You risked your own life to save mine twice. What else do I need to know?”

“You need to know more about that person. So go slowly, all right?”

She sighed. “If you insist.”

“So let's see.” I took out my class list. “I'm in room 311 for home room.”

“Damn. I'm in 321.” She pouted. “But when is your gym class?”

“Fourth period, right before lunch.”

“We share that!”

“Oh, joy.” I mumbled. I looked at my watch. “We have only a minute before first bell. I will see you in gym.”

“You will.” she promised, eyes shining. I pushed past her and fled. Great. I finally get to kiss my dream girl, but it's because she seems to like me as a girl more than me as a guy. Of course she didn't know me well as a guy. I'd just have to try to be more interesting.

Fat chance if I'm stuck as a girl. I had to get back to normal.

The first day in a new school is standard for all of us. Stand in front of the class, introduce yourself, tell them how much you will appreciate working with them, that kind of thing.

Think again.

I found myself standing in front of the class. The first thing I noticed was that Janice was in the same homeroom. She looked at me with no recognition; after all while Janus knew me, Janice did not. I introduced myself, and the Nun nodded approvingly.

“There's a seat beside me.” One of the girls said.

“Yes, thank you Ms McBride, take that seat, Ms Parker.” I walked back to the desk. The girl that had spoken was watching me with consideration in her eyes. I blushed at her scrutiny, opening my book as class began. A moment later, I felt a nudge. The girl beside me opposite MacBride was holding out a slip of paper concealed from the nun. I opened it.


I blushed again, crumpling it up, dropping it in my briefcase. Before the 45 minute class was over, I had been sent fifteen notes. Except for the first most were asking questions. Did I dye my hair, what were my measurements, what did the N. of my first initial stand for, did I have a boyfriend/girlfriend, was I straight or did I swing both ways, the list became more graphic right before the bell rang.

I knew from experience that there is about five minutes between classes, and it's plenty of time to move from one to the other, even if you had to go to another building. But try to do that with a gauntlet of giggling girls surrounding you bombarding you with questions.

I was able to make progress by ignoring the more blatant ones. When asked what my name was, I started to say Nick, but changed it to Nikki, which had them asking if I was related to that one boy Nick Parker over on the boy's side. I claimed to be a cousin. Some of the girls were snapping pictures with their cell phones except for the girl who announced her name as Tanya McBride, who pulled out a digital camera to take one.

I was late for my next class, in fact I was late for every one of them for the same reason. By gym class, which I dreaded, I was frustrated. Why was I so interesting? Face it, I was interesting because I wasn't me any more.

I walked into the locker room, and froze. Lots of eye candy, stripping as if this were normal.

Well, duh, for them it was. I had decided that I wouldn't dress out; after all, I hadn't brought any gym suit, and couldn't. Sister Carmichael, the gym teacher disabused me of that, pointing at a locker. I should have expected Sova to be thorough. There was a locker with N. PARKER on it, and inside was a Catalina swim suit in wine red with a sports bra, t shirt, and shorts. I concentrated on the locker as I stripped, feeling every eye on me as I did. Both Heather and Janice were in this class with me, and I made sure not to look, as much as I wanted to.

Heather pouted because I wasn't paying attention. Janice had a confused look on her face for some reason as she pulled down her shirt.

“All right girls. Hit the field.” Carmichael roared. I closed my locker, and started to follow the others when a hand tapped my shoulder. I turned. Janice was gone, and Janus stood there.

“What is this? Peeking at all of the girls?” She asked sarcastically.

“No.” I sighed. “Sova has magical powers. She locked me in this form so she could spend time with me as a girl.”

She looked at me as if expecting to see the word LIE printed on my face. “I should warn you, there is good new and bad news about Janice.”


“Yes. The good news is that she is thinking about boys more. The bad news is she has fixated on you as Nick Parker.” She caught my hand, leading me from the locker room. Before we hit the door, she dropped my hand as if it burned her, and Janice was back, even more confused.

“Thanks for catching me, Janice.”

“Uh, sure.” She blushed. “Do I know you?”

“Of course you do.” I lied heartily. “Same home room class?”

“Oh, right.”

We were divided up into teams of four to run the relay, and I ended up on the same team, with Heather. She was watching me with lambent eyes, her expression growing stormy if anyone paid more than casual attention to me. After the relay, we ran the 100 yard hurdles. I had not realized how efficient my female body was in comparison to my male one. I wasn't trying to be better; after all I could literally be at the start line the instant the gun went off. Instead I watched the others, aiming for second or third in every event. But when I ran the hurdles, it was like I had been doing it my whole life, arching over them smoothly and running on. It was hard to lose that race with such skill. Probably there was some god of sports in there.

When we hit the showers, I picked a shower head at the back so I could look at the wall, and pretend there wasn't a couple of acres of fine nude womanhood sharing the space with me. Before I knew it, Heather was there, languorously washing my back without my asking. I made sure not to look, even when her nipples brushed my back.

We went to lunch, and while every girl seemed to think they should have time with me, Sova came strolling in, waved them all away, and sat across from me.

She looked at her meal, opened the packet with the flatware, and forked up some mashed potatoes. “So. How has your first day of school been?”

“How do you think it has been?” I snarled.

“I have no idea. That was why I asked.”

“Well between every girl over here either trying to get my life story, or trying to get in my panties, it's been a rough time.”

She looked at me for a long moment. “Was that a joke?”

“I wish. How many lesbians are there over here, anyway?”

“Very few actually.” She chewed some roast beef reflectively. “I would say there are only about ten percent that might be called lesbian. Perhaps the same of girls that might have actually experimented, with another twenty percent who have considered it as an option.”

“Well I think your figures are wrong, considering how many women had done everything but rip off my panties so far today!”

She shook her head, sipping her milk. “No, that is the subject of their interest as much as you might think.” I looked confused. “You may have chosen your form, but like anything created by the gods, you are as perfect as you can be. When the boys see your pictures, you will probably be their number one fantasy girl. As it is, on the Girl's side here, you are in the top three, and maybe number one there.”

“'When they see my pictures'?”

She nodded. “You are in home room with Tanya McBride.”


“While it is a deep dark secret, she is the one who puts out the Sleaze.” I stared at her in shock and horror. The Sleaze was a underground e-newspaper for our school. We guys knew it was a girl doing it, considering how many up the skirt shots it had of our girls, and the articles about what girl was doing whom, or thinking about it. The school had tried to stamp it out, but whoever was doing it used public server with a floating ISP, meaning it was never the same ISP twice. Every guy over there was a subscriber, even me.

“Oh god, I'm not only toast, I'm burned toast!”

“Ah, irony.” She patted her lips with her napkin. “I am also told that you did everything you could to avoid looking at the other girls in gym. Commendable.”

“Yeah. Because Loki threatened to thump me if I tried.”

“There is that.” She agreed. “One thing I would suggest is that you buy a bra, unless bouncing around as if offering is what you enjoy in this form. Well, have fun for the rest of the day.”

“You know, your definition of fun is not the same as mine.” She looked at me. “Yes, that was sarcasm, again.”

She nodded, picked up her tray, and left. Before she had gone ten paces Heather was there. “What is it between you and that bitch?”

“Long story.” I sighed, rubbing my forehead. “Look, it's my first day, and it's not going well. Could I get a rain check on any more lip locking?”

She looked stricken. “You don't like me?”

“Oh it isn't that, Heather. It's just I never considered kissing a girl before, and you're making me nervous.”

“Neither have I, before I met you.” Her eyes were melting as she looked at me. “But ever since I've met you, I've been having these feeling. I just want to throw you down, rip off your clothes, and have my wicked way with you.”

“And that makes me even more nervous.” I replied. “Just... let our relationship grow at it's own pace, please?”

“Sure.” She stood, then leaned across and pecked me on the lips. “You'll be worth the wait.” Then she was gone.

A horde of girls descended on me, but I was saved by the bell literally.

The rest of the day was just horror upon horror. When the last class ended I was deluged in offers to join every club they had on the girl's side, having a convoy of lovelies just wanting to talk, or touch, or something as long as I was the other one in the mix. I finally escaped, and by literally teleporting off the bus halfway home, I finally got away.

At home I sighed, growled at Quoth, and brought up my e-mail. There was one from the Sleaze about the latest edition. With trepidation, I brought it up.

Newest honey at our school!

“This editor has seen the future, and the Future is Nikki Parker, the latest addition to our school. She is already in the running for most beautiful girl on campus, and her admirers are legion on our side of the wall, guys.

“She's five nine, 105 pounds, measurements 36D, 25, 36, and is shy guys, so none of that stupid crap trying to score with her. As for sexual orientation, she is already the dream girl of our heteroflexible and gay crowd here, and might be snapped up before you have the chance. Tough noogies.

“But to find out who is the most popular girl over here, we are going to need another petition for a beauty contest. You dweebs have failed me before, don't fail me this time if you want to get a better chance of seeing her in the adorable flesh and sexy costumes.”

This was followed by about three pages of pictures. One had been shot in class where the girl holding the camera had gotten a picture of white panties under my skirt. Another from behind in gym as I peeled off my blouse to reveal that I was braless. One of me running the hurdles, then of me in the shower, with all of the naughty bits pixelated. Then there were shots of me and Heather talking with the caption 'Already the leader in trying to possess the new hottie? Try Heather Wayne!' followed by photos of me talking with Sova, and the caption, 'even our SBP is after her? Who would have thunk it?'

“How do I get out of this body, Quoth.”

“Most humans use controlled substances for that.”

“You're not helping.” I sang.

“The girl who did it to you might like your girl form better than your guy. Big problem there. Maybe if you had actually studied that book I got for you, you might have worked it out already.”

“I've been kinda busy. I don't have time to read.”

“Read.” It snorted. “Who said anything about reading? Last night you looked inside that mobster's computer to itemize what there was of interest to law enforcement. You can literally download the whole book from your computer directly to your own brain. Just touch it, find it, and absorb it.”

I looked at my laptop dubiously, then touched it. It was like looking into the world of the movie Tron; all streams of energy. I thought about the PDF, and found it almost immediately. An instant later I removed my hand. In my mind's eye I could see every page as I flicked through it.

I frowned. “I don't see anyway to correct it.”

“Cause there ain't no way once a spell is done. You have to stop them before they do, which you can now.”

“But not this first spell.”


I really hate you.”

“And you're starting to repeat yourself.”


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