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Depends on what kind of player you are.

If you just want to do the stories then F2P is the way to go.

If you want the fun of endgame content then subscription is the way to go.

At $15 a month for subscribers it is a really decent deal. Extra quirks as they are with quickbars and such or things on the cartel market that will say free to subs, so many more places to put your stuff. (George Carlin reference there)

Plus for me the endgame content is worth it.

As for the digital edition, you get a free speeder that levels with you meaning you wouldn't need to buy a speeder ever. And its a decent looking speeder. You get a flare gun and a dancing twilek hologram and VIP badge to go to the VIP section on the fleet and some other little knickknacks. The speeder itself is the only thing worth it to me from the digital pack. Plus any other toons you create automatically get the speeder and other things mailed to them the minute they start.

You still can't use the speeder until you visit the trainer for it but you don't have to buy one. But you can also buy speeders on the GTN that level with you for really cheap so it is up to you.

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