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Originally Posted by RPK View Post
I mean this
I've made this helmet in 15 minutes, and it looks more realistic than this Cartoonish Crap...Learn modeling and come back when you ready to model.
L2M than Ripping

I apologize for my apparently substandard work. I am very, very sorry that it brings you such grief and pain to get on this forum and look at my work. I am also so very, very apologetic for the fact that you only get to do this for free, and that I am also sorry that there is no less compensation on my part for what I do. Thank you so much for taking time out of your obviously busy day, since you evidently only have 15 minutes to model, to correct the horrible flaws in my model. I am sorry that my "cartoonish crap" gets in the way of your true-to-life, authentic scale models that you obviously spend so much time on. I assume that you must have a brilliant KotOR modding career, but that everything that you have made has just been too awesome to release. All of us people who don't know how to model just wouldn't have been able to handle it. I can see that your perception is very good, because the helmet on my Boba Fett does look just like you pointed out:

Your understanding of geometry is obviously far superior to mine, because I didn't even realize that curves were so box-like. I also didn't realize that different shades of red and grey looked so brown. Maybe that is just a color-blindness issue on my part. Since your helmet is so awesome, I would love to be able to include it in this mod. But, since all of your stuff is so great, and you are most definitely an expert modeler, I just can't bring myself to ask because of my obviously lousy and pathetic modeling skills. No, a helmet like that deserves to sit on better shoulders than the ones that I have edited. Your helmet is true genius. Even in it's untextured state, it looks better than mine already. I'm sure that if you uploaded it right now, everybody would rush to use it over my currently released one. And, I can't blame them, seeing as it obviously has extra polygons that I no doubt missed somehow due to my extreme deficiency in looking at details. I wish that you could tutor me on even the basics of modeling, since I have evidently missed out on them entirely. But you are too great, and alas, I am far too lowly. I suppose that I could go to school to learn how to 3d model, but since I am already a senior studying Aeronautical Science, I really don't think that it would work out. It sounds like I am forever doomed to an insignificant KotOR modding career. I will never made any modding advances or new techniques. I will never be able to make any tutorials. And I will never make any worthwhile mods. Oh, if only you could understand my sorrow, but it is not to be, since obviously we have a small bit of communication error due to slight differences in dialect. I wish that I could understand what "Listening to Music than Ripping" meant. Or maybe you mean "Laughing to Myself, then Ripping". I can only fathom that I should listen to music as opposed to ripping my clothes or other cloth items. Or maybe it means that I should laugh inwardly, and then rip my clothes or other cloth items.

Please let me know if my stuff bothers you to the point that I need to take it down. I would hate for it to hurt your cultured eyes.



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