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Balmorran Canyons

"It's...Taris. We have to go to Taris!"

Avriela smiled. "Hopefully we can finally catch up with our elusive jedi friend on Taris. Before I went on the run, I heard that the Sith currently have some sort of orbital defense around the planet so no one can leave without their authorization. Things could have changed so don't quote me on that."

She looked down at the dead sith and shook her head. "Something's wrong here. Our attacker is dead but I can still sense...something."

She suddenly whirled around as a flurry of blaster bolts came from above. Her double bladed lightsaber ignited and deflected the majority of the bolts away. She looked up and sent a blast of force lightning in the direction the bolts had come from.

"We've got company! Imperial troopers!" She shouted urgently.

Republic Base

As Zarev and Per'dra continued running the comnlink suddenly activated again. "I'm less then a minute from the base but I don't see you outside! Where are you two? I'm picking up comn chatter from some of the troops and they're gathering outside the doors. They have some seriously heavy firepower with them. Hurry it up!"
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