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"Yeah, right? Only former Sith, huh?" Light smiled at Corsail. He looked back at the corpse of the Sith with the hole in his head. "You never know, maybe we could've used his force lightning for something, haha.." Light's face returned to a stoic expression.

Suddenly he heard something. Heavy crunches... and swooshing sounds. "You hear that? It's almost like--" He was cut off as several Imperial troops came in. Some on speeders, some on foot.


Light stood in a defensive posture in front of the injured Corsail, deflecting blaster bolts as best he could. "You think you could start the speeder?"

One of the bolts Light deflected hit one of the speeder drivers in the head. The bike slid across the ground towards the other two members of the group. "We need to get out of here! Try that bike!" He yelled towards Avriela and Varik. The closest ground troops were beginning to come within the range of their blaster rifles, opening fire as they did.
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