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Originally Posted by RPK View Post
Reference image do you know what is it? And is XXI age not medieval.

I modelling only for JKA, and half of models from kotor are ripped from JKA or even BF2(even SS models, for example his Millenium ).
Proportions? Proportions are good, this screen is from perspective not front image . And yes, I do model .

Oh because i have own opinion? And is doesn't matter he do better retexture, even he fail his UV on this model.

Without critism you can't do something. And i do understand because i too doing mods .
Constructive criticism is one thing. Blatant insults are another. It would have been fine if you had suggested trying some new modeling, texturing, or UV mapping techniques. Instead, you have only left your candid opinion and false accusations.

I will not argue that constructive criticism helps create better mods and modders. But you are certainly not doing that. I honestly do not care what you think about my work. But I do care that you think it's okay to just insult people's work. I don't want you ripping on any new modder's models, regardless of quality.

Originally Posted by RPK View Post
I've made this helmet in 15 minutes, and it looks more realistic than this Cartoonish Crap...Learn modeling and come back when you ready to model.
So, with that said:

Learn some manners and come back when you ready to be polite.

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