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My cat has caught cabin fever.

When I came home from work and if he is normally in the garage he escapes out the back cat door. It was frozen shut, so he ran up the opposite side of my 2-door garage and went back out. I had to call to him from the back porch and he was over in the neighbors yard and came romping in a hurry through the 12 inch deep snow we have.

After a bit to eat (he had not been fed since 2pm and it was now 930pm) he started attacking his scratching chair, and went over to his toy box to complain. Yes, Daddy had to play with him. So i got one of his toys out (the Felt cat-o-nine tails) and played with him. after a 5 minutes of that I had to play hide and seek with him. After giving chase he would hide, and a few minutes later he would come out and wait for me to give chase again.

Finally let him out again after he realized there was no door to summer

update: just let him back in and he is now curled up and purring in my lap. makes being a cat owner worth it

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