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I don't really like the idea of another piece of SW media in that time period, but at this point I'm just happy people want to make more Star Wars games. It's been too long.

This could be interesting. Perhaps play as a Jedi trying to hide from the Empire? I'd hope, being an RPG, it would focus less on the THRILLER CHASE, and more on things like the psychological stress involved in being a hunted fugitive. Things like having a love interest, and trying to keep them out of harm's way (harm, which arguably follows you around)?

On the general subject of SW games, I'm hoping that there'll be Star Wars mods for Star Citizen. Hopefully Star Citizen's hypothetical success would spur LA into considering a proper Star Wars flight sim.

Also, obligatory SW wantlist:

1. KotOR 3*
2. Jedi Knight 4
3. Republic Commando 2
4. Battlefront 3.

*Yeah, I know unlikely it is.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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