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thats what marriage does to someone lol just let yourself go...

yeah i decided i need to lose weight after getting here and having gained 20 pounds in a month....and this month i decided im going strictly vegetarian...for a whole month to see if i can lose weight that way. so far i survived 2 meals eating just salad and steamed veggies, and my other rule is NO dressing of any kind. drinks i can drink cranberry juice or water.

my goal for when i get back home is to be down to 140-150 pounds. right now i weigh between 195 and 205. i weighed 175 before i went to camp shelby, and this was me eating mcdonalds like 3x+ a week, but also lots of walking.

its alot easier to stick to a diet here because all the food is prepared, at home i'd NEVER make myself a salad, **** that it takes too long to prepare, is ****ing expensive, expires way too fast and is not that filling for what it costs.

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