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"Where's Kif?"

The smile on Zarev's face abruptly vanished and was replaced by a look of pure horror as he realized what he had accidently done. "I...I...I'm sorry Varik," he whispered. "The republic solders were attacking us and the base was locking up. With all that was going on...I must have forgotten to get him out of the kolto tank."

Zarev lowered his head in shame and shook his head in disbelief. How could he have forgotten Kif?! He had done something that he would most likely not be able to forgive himself for.

"I'm sorry." He said quietly. "But the base is on lockdown and I think right now if we tried to go back for him the base's air defenses would rip us apart."

Shan Cockpit

"Where is Kif?!"

Vlalkor didn't turn from the controls as the Shan turned and headed towards the sky. "He's still at the base, most likely still in his kolto tank."

Vlalkor turned to look at Light and shook his head. "As far as I could tell we couldn't get him out of the base before the lockdown was over. Our mission takes priority over the life of one man."

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