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New to Modding / recruit npc?

Greetings fellow Jedi and Sith alike,

I'm new to modding. I am not new to KOTOR though, got the collections dvd pack of 1 and 2 for my computer recently, whereas before I always played it on the xbox, till it pooped out on me.

Anyhow, I'm presently following this tutorial:

because I want to add my own character to the party on kotor 1 ,

(I would try kotor 2, yet the kotor tool won't read the sith lords game for me, I think it may be due to the fact I did not install the Tsl addition . I had at first, but found I preferred the game as it was before it. Not to say they didn't do a great job though , they did ! and God bless them for it).

anyhow, I am unclear what to do really, I've got the gff editor open, the "old school" one I think, as the writer of this tutorial called it.

I am not sure, when it comes to "conversation field" , dlg file? The writer is not very clear with his/ her instructions on things. Makes it quite hard for us new beginners.

I do not know if I am doing things correct really, and I know it's tough to really help without loads more info, yet I'm wondering if anybody knows of a real good tutorial for adding a character to the party.

Basically I want to create my own character, I'll use the old white jedi template (I think that's what Nemo's character uses, I'm hoping). I don't even know if I installed all the many tools correctly to the computer, for I am quite an old wizard, more use to the old day's rather than the tech age.

I plan , hope, to add my own voice to some dialogue with this character.

Any help would be great, links to beginner friendly tutorials for this?

I appreciate any thoughts that help.

May the Force be with you.

(and for you Sith characters - The Force shall set you Free).

Oh , the template I chose was N_JediCounM , and number row 303.

Onward. I'm guessing that whatever I do , if any problems happen with the game I can always uninstall everything and re-install the game.

So I'm trying for creating my own party character.

Wait... I said that already.... this old man's mind is definitely getting older LOL.

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