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Originally Posted by CptPriceless View Post
On Taris, weren't there people hungover in that Sith Party? You could try to find that animation.
Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
Oh, right, that's the other thing. Sunry says he shot Elassa while she was sleeping, and this is confirmed in Jolee's and Revan's dialogues. But the recording shows them both walking in and her being completely awake when he shoots her. I guess it's fathomable that Sunry could be lying, but why would he lie to make Elassa seem more helpless than less? Would it be possible to alter the recording so that it shows Elassa sleeping and Sunry already in the room, pacing, and then shooting her?
Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
Yeah, or somehow find the animation from when the Exile is asleep on the Ebon Hawk and has the visions. You would have to show her dying, you could just have Sunry fire as the recording cuts/fades out.
I actually just looked at the original BioWare dialogue for the computer, where the text described to you Sunry's murder of Elassa.

Originally Posted by BioWare; man26bigcomp.dlg
[The computer screen switches to a fish-eye view from some sort of small surveillance device on a wall.]

[A beautiful young woman enters the room, followed by a much older man.]

[As she walks farther into the room, he softly closes the door, pulls a blaster, and shoots her in the back.]
So with this you can see why I went the way I went. I don't know if BioWare intentionally made Sunry's account of the events inaccurate or if it wanted the Republic's view to be inaccurate or it was just plain inconsistency, so, what I'd like to know is what you guys would like me to do. Change it to line up with what Sunry says? Or just leave it as it is now?

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